Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh the signs you see in Fiji !

Our giggles these days often come from the "English" signs along the way.  We thought we'd share a few with you:

We hope Mama knows about this.
"Mega Choice" above this  store that was about 10'x 12'  and has the same  5 choices as any other store.

This made us wish for some pizza which is not available.  What IS on their menu?

  Like Mark Twain said, "I feel sorry for anyone who can't spell a word more than one way."


We'll be shopping here for Christmas.

There are no bears in Fiji but who cares?

Not quite the shopping center you may be used to but a lovely option in Ba.

Finally, one that makes sense.
We knew our Physical Therapist son-in-law was talented but we had no idea his field included all these specialities.

And if the signs don't keep you laughing, you can always read the manuals for your appliances:  In trying to diagnose an icing up problem in our refrigerator we had to first determine if we had "the first, or the second kind" of refrigerator -- no explanation as to what models were available but the manual stated that "this serial refrigerators are unanimous."  Later we learned this sage advice -- "the food kept too long in the refrigerator will taste less original.  Spoiled and stink food must not be kept any longer."

And speaking of things that "stink" - we were reading the users manual for our new DVD player provided by the mission.  Under the section designed to caution you regarding power issues we read: "Please do not bind the power line is too high will arouse the unstable of the voltage and damage to the equipment.  When the DVD have unusual sound and smell such as splintering and poop, please witch off the power line as soon as prossible."  No kidding - that's a direct quote!

Chears frum Figi !!! ?


Matt said...

Well....good for them for trying marketing in multiple cultures and languages.

Leah said...

These are hilarious! Reminds me of "", but with a Fijian twist.

bestgrandkidsever said...

Interesting! This week Alan's sister and her husband wrote about signs in Bogata!

Ditto Family said...

Can't wait to show these to Birch. Check in that phyisotherapy office and see if Birch can volunteer a few days so we can ride off our trip.

emily a. said...

Those are so funny. Brazil made some attempts but these are much better.

Strahls said...

Loved the chuckle! Good that you can find humor amongst the challenges and blessings you see. Thinking of you. :)Strahls

P.S. Bro. Strahl wonders if your Fijian is equally as entertaining. :)

Robyn said...

If the "Dress Barn" can stay in busines, I suspose "Harsh Fashion" can too.

And please - do throw out your stink food.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys its Laci Martin! Just wanted to tell you how much I love reading your updates and feeling your sweet spirits and reading the directions for your dvd player made me laugh so hard I cried! I am so proud and happy for you guys. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving at home with my family and their missionaries and I thought of you both often, Kyle and I send our love and prayers,